About us

MASLOG carries on business with local transporting, intercity and folklift transporting, storage and courier – non courier transporting, renting a car on the different kinds of logistic areas. MASLOG with expert personels always gives importance the pleasure of clients when it is following the develping technology. For MASLOG, the pleasure of clients is very important. For this reason, MASLOG corry on rapid suitable and ideal services.

Prouding the services with the best quality with the help of following the developing logistic services and answering all requests positively are our vision.


  • To comprehend the pleasure of clients and work partners.
  • To take info account the needs of clients and workpartners.
  • To have the technological substucture
  • To develop continuıusly
  • To present services with good quality.


Orhanlı Mah. Demokrasi Cad. No:109 Nakliyeciler Sitesi B Blok No:21 Tuzla Istanbul

Tel : 0216 561 9868

Faks : 0216 561 9868

Gsm:  0532 783 17 99

Gsm:  0555 994 64 60
E-posta: info@maslog.com.tr